Geophysical Survey And Field
Acquisition Consultant

Geophysical Project Design

Austhai Geophysical Consultants can design and help implement the ideal geophysical survey or series of surveys for various given mineralogical, geotechnical or environmental scenarios. Austhai Geophysical consultants will provide the following project design services:
  • Site visits to conduct reconnaissance for survey design and recommendations.
  • Provide detailed reports outlining:
    • Survey objectives and a summary of relevant Geology
    • Severity of the terrain and the appropriate survey grid orientation
    • Specifications on grid setup and pre-survey preparations
    • Recommended labor requirements.

Field Acquisition And Supervision

Austhai Geophysical Consultants specialise in the acquisition of as well as supervising geophysical field crews acquiring key data. This involves providing the following services:
  • Field crew training in the acquisition of 3D Induced polarization and Total field EM surveys.
  • Onsite Quality control and supervision
  • Onsite data review and adjustment of the survey parameters as the Geophysical survey progresses
  • Compiling Detailed Data QC Reports Outlining:
    • Survey array design and setup.
    • Acquisition procedures and Data issues
    • Data quality overview and Raw data presentation
    • The methodology of the infield data reduction.

Expert Advice Provider For Geophysical
& Geotechnical Program

Austhai Can Provide Training, Supervision
And Experienced Operators To Run

Seismic Surveys

  • Mini SOSIE High Resolution Reflection Seismic
  • Refraction and MASW
  • HVSR passive seismic
  • Active and passive multichannel surveys (SASW, MASW, refraction seismic, ReMiTM, ESAC, SPAC, FTAN, SSAP, etc)

Downhole Services

  • Down Hole Induce Polarization
  • Down Hole Electromagnetics
  • Dual Resistivity and Conductivity probes
  • Natural Gamma Sondes for rock property investigation
  • Acoustic Televiewer Borehole
  • Optical Televiewer Borehole Logging
  • Sonic logging

UAV Services

  • High-quality imaging
  • Improved safety
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater detail
  • Easy data sharing

Induced Polarization Surveys

  • 2D/3D IP arrays
  • Down hole IP: using either Dipole-Dipole Array Probe, Wenner / Schlumberger Array Probe

Transient Electromagnetic Surveys

  • Surface EM Surveys: Using EMIT’s SmarTEMV and Fluxgate magnetometers
  • 3 Component Down hole EM: Using the dB/dt BH43 or B-Field Atlantis Systems

Ground Surveys

  • Ground Gravity Surveys: Using CG5 Gravity Meter with DGPS GPS
  • Ground Magnetics Surveys: Using GEM GSM-19W Overhausen magnetometer with integrated GPS
  • Ground Radiometric Surveys: Using PGIS-2-1 Portable Gamma Ray Spectrometer. with integrated GPS

Geotechnical And
Groundwater Surveys

  • Providing downhole structural analysis surveys: Acoustic Televiewer
  • Borehole deviation control
  • Shallow surface surveys (Resistivity Profiling, Refraction, MASW and NanoTEM)

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