Geotechnical Data Processing And
Instruments For Groundwater Subsurface Investigations

Processing and 2D / 3D Data Modeling

Austhai Geophysical provides state of the art quality control, data processing and 2D / 3D inverse modeling services for mineral exploration.

Our Processing Services include:

  • IP data QC and reduction using TQIPdb produced by Scientific Computing and Applications
  • IP processing and 3D IP modeling using UBC’s DCIP3D software
  • EM processing and Modeling using EMIT Maxwell software
  • Magnetic Data Reduction and post processing.
  • Magnetic 3D Modeling using UBC’s Mag3D inversion software
  • Reduction of observed gravity to a modeled Bouguer anomaly and terrain corrections.
  • Gravity 3D Inversion using UBC’s Grav3D inversion software
  • 3D Model presentation, display and manipulation using Scientific Computing and Applications’ Windisp and 3D modeler.
  • Merging of recent and Archival Geophysical data sets
  • Re-processing of Archival Geophysical Survey data sets.
  • Up to Date 2D / 3D inverse modeling of archival Geophysical Data sets.
  • Imaging and Mapping

Ground Water And Near Surface Studies

Electrical imaging using Wenner-Schlumberger Resistivity sounding arrays or NanoTEM fast turnoff EM surveys to produce model resistivity with topography for interpretation of near surface features. Useful for Groundwater studies and in locating areas of potential cavity formation related to karst topography for construction projects.

Geotechnical Data Analysis:

Austhai Geophysical Consultants can provide acquisition, processing and interpretation of Geotechnical field data at all stages of exploration programs. The scope of this work can be from preliminary feasibility studies to in-situ mining and drilling programs. Real time data processing is available on site for live information analysis and examination.

Geophysical data modelling and interpretation:

Austhai Geophysical consultants can provide interpretation of Geophysical data at all scales and stages of exploration programs.
  • Review and assessment of any pre-existing or archival geophysical data
  • Field checking and verification of anomalous zones or targets generated from the modeled data.
  • Detailed Interpretative Reports relating the 2D and 3D Geophysical Models to Geology and including:
    • The methodology of the data reduction and 3D inverse modeling carried out on the data
    • Highlighting the major structural information contained in the 3D inverse models
    • Highlighting the major zones of alteration in the 3D inverse models
    • Design of follow-up or infill surveying
    • Target identification and drill hole placement
  • After action review of drill hole data as it relates to the Geophysical survey results.

Airborne Supervision And Interpretation:

The Senior Geophysicist is available to supervise acquisition of as well as QC, process, model and interpret airborne EM (VTEM/XTEM) and Airborne Magnetic/Radiometric surveys.

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