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  • UAV Pilot and Operator
  • GIS Analyst (UAV Systems)
  • Geophysical Wireline Operator
  • Field Geophysicist – Geophysical Operator
  • Processing Geophysicist
  • Sales Manager
UAV Pilot and

A Drone Pilot will be responsible for effectively and safely piloting an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or ‘drone’. You will be based on the ground, operating the company drone by either a handheld console using eyesight observations, or via a computer without line of sight. the exact tasks will vary depending upon the area or country worked in.

GIS Analyst
(UAV Systems)
The GIS Analyst (UAV Systems) will be primarily responsible for generating DTM and DSM files through photogrammetry to be used to guide other UAV Platform geophysical surveys that the company runs. Supplemental to the primary purpose of this role will be to assist setting up appropriate software platforms to work on programming and analysing various geographical datasets.
Geophysical Wireline

The Geophysical Wireline Operator will be responsible for running our wireline logging units and recording data from a range of Geophysical wireline tools and directional drill-hole surveying equipment.



The primary role of a Processing Geophysicist is to oversee office-based QC/QA, processing and inversion modelling projects as directed by Austhai Geophysics. The Processing Geophysicist will be accountable to and report directly to the Senior Processing Geophysicist.


Field Geophysicist
Geophysical Operator

The role of a Field Geophysicist is primarily in learning and getting familiar with the instrumentation that we commonly use at Austhai Geophysics. It is assumed the Field Geophysicist has a strong knowledge of Geophysics/Geology/Geoscience from the university. This will assist in understanding the equipment that is utilized to measure the various properties of the earth.

Sales Manager

Represent the company effectively with comprehensive knowledge of our offerings. Developing and maintaining relationships with key clients, Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Overseeing local and regional sales, promotions and campaigns. Sales managers are oftentimes expected to travel.

Discover The World While Doing Geophysics At Austhai!

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