Moho Science Technology Instrument
For Seismograph System &
Electrical Resistivity Instrument

Major Applications

  • Mapping the subsoil resonance frequencies (H/V technique)
  • Modelling the H/V curves to obtain shear wave velocity profiles (Vs) in the presence of independent constrain
  • Passive seismic stratigraphy
  • Bedrock mapping
  • Performing active/passive multichannel surveys (SASW, MASW, refraction seismics, ReMiTM, ESAC, SPAC, FTAN, SSAP, etc.) by exploiting the built-in radio/GPS synchronization modules
  • Detection of soil and structure resonance frequencies, soil-structure interaction
  • Analysis of strong vibrations, potentially damaging for the structures, according to European norms 



  • 3 velocimetric channels with adjustable dynamic range and sensitivity: from microtremors (up to ±0.5 mm/s) to strong vibrations (up to± 5 cm/s)
  • 3 accelerometric channels (±2 g)
  • 1 analog channel (e.g., external trigger for MASW and refraction)
  • operating range [0.1, 1024) Hz on all channels with AID conversion at 24 real bits
  • GPS receiver with internal and/or external antenna for positioning and absolute timing/synchronizationamong different units
  • built-in radio module for synchronization among different units and alarm transmission (e.g., signal above threshold)

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