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Provide A Wide Range Of Geophysical And Geotechnical Services To The Environmental, Ground Water And Engineering Industries.
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Conducting Surveys In Extreme Terrain
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Expert Advice On Survey Design, Implementation Geophysical And Geotechnical Data.
Experienced Staff Providing Expert Survey Planning And Field Supervision
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Austhai Is At The Forefront In The Research, Development, And Implementation Of New And Innovative Techniques Such As Uav Mounted Systems
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Geophysical & Geotechnical Equipment /
Instruments Provider Thailand

The Austhai Geophysical And
Geotechnical Program

Is composed of Austhai Geophysical Consultants that provide professional and reliable services including the sale and rental of equipment as well as advice and training for geophysical and geotechnical exploratory programs in countries across the world. All our advanced geoelectrical equipment that is available is industry-leading and used by surveyors worldwide. Austhai was established in 2008 initially with the goal of working with South-East Asia and Asia Pacific countries to create long-term cooperation that would benefit surveyors by providing exploration instruments and support to their ongoing programs. For our clients, the importance of the Austhai Geophysical and Geotechnical program cannot be understated when it comes to highly technical processes such as geological mapping and geological exploration…

Even in the most remote places and extreme conditions, Austhai guarantees that our equipment and support will deliver the most accurate outcomes. Over 30 countries are now working with the Austhai Geophysical and Geotechnical program and our technological innovations have helped to vastly improve the safety and reliability of geophysical surveys and analysis. The Austhai program hopes to further expand in terms of widespread availability in order to further the knowledge and understanding of specialists in this area of work.


Our Best Services

Survey Acquisition

Austhai Geophysical Consultants has been providing some of the most comprehensive services and products for geophysical and geotechnical surveying for nearly 20 years...

Every field that is related to this area of science is covered with the high-tech equipment and product expertise we offer, particularly in South East Asia and the wider Asia Pacific region.

Groundwater exploration equipment used for groundwater exploration are vital components of the technology used in the mining industry and high in demand. Austhai makes acquisition not only easy but provides onsite quality control and supervision as well as ongoing training.


Data Processing

Austhai has developed some cutting-edge technology for the mapping of geographic locations digitally, both in 2D and 3D. Geographical field data can be...

extrapolated and integrated into our data analysis software and provide preliminary data or active on-site evaluation. This is especially important for the mining industry where the stability of the mining location must be monitored at all times. Data processing has come a long way in the last couple of decades and you can be assured that Austhai is at the forefront of the latest technology.


UAV Systems

Austhai also specializes in UAV Magnetic Services which have become widespread in recent years for gathering accurate aerial survey data. The high-resolution magnetic data

is a major plus for surveyors who are looking to map mineral deposits over a large area as well as to detect unexploded ordnances or decide where the location of engineering and environmental projects should be pursued.


Expert Advice Provider For Geophysical
& Geotechnical Program

Our Products


Geomative provides customers with not only high-level technical service but extremely high-quality equipment ranging from GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)...

to high-power IP (Induced Polarization), and electrical resistivity meter instruments. These are mainly used for civil geological engineering, archaeological digs, and general resource prospecting.


GDD Instrumentation

Austhai also collaborates with GDD Instrumentation, who are world leaders in the fields of mining exploration, groundwater exploration, and...

Their products include Induced Polarization Transmitters, Induced Polarization Receivers, Sample Core IP Testers (SCIP), and MPP probes, which measure the magnetic susceptibility and EM conductivity values of various-sized objects from vast drill cores to minute rock or mineral samples. All of these instruments are used prolifically in the mining industry and are available to buy or rent from Austhai.

MoHo Science Technology

For the passive seismic instrument which is a geophysical method of subsurface imaging. We are a sale agent of the Moho Science & Technology Product in Asia Pacific...

and we trust in brand’s technology. MoHo conceives, designs and manufactures both the hardware and the software of its instruments in full autonomy. Research, development, production, calibration and testing are all made in house at the Moho headquarters in Venice (Italy). And MoHo has more than 30 years’ experience of developers in the medical field have been translated to the Geophysical and Civil Engineering sectors to create MoHo instrument. if you are looking for HVSR instrument, Multichannel seismograph, Electra, and Suricat. with the professional sale support. Contact us today.

Hefei Guowei Electronics

Hefei Guowei Electronics is a high-tech company, which is professionally engaged in geophysical exploration instruments R&D, production, and sales support...

We are a sale agent of Hefei Guowei electronics in Asia pacifics. if you are looking for best technology for land seismic equipment. Here we are deploy pioneering seismic technology on a global scale and reliable seismic instrument that enable geophysical service providers to efficiently design and execute complex seismic acquisition programs.

Aarhus Geo-Software

Aarhus Geo-Software is professional software solutions for processing, inversion, and visualization of geophysical data. Geo software helps you understand subsurface...

and place your next well in the right direction, optimize ypur exploration and production with technology best practices. Geo software is advance solution to reduce rick and uncertainty with workbench software, DC/IP processing and inversion software and SPIA software.

Customer Testimonials

The Benefits Of Working With Austhai

Because Austhai Geophysical Consultants have been in the business for nearly two decades and are attracting more and more clients by the year,
it is safe to say that our reputation speaks for itself. The science, some would say art, of geophysical and geotechnical surveying is a deeply immersive
discipline that requires not only the best up-to-date technology but the knowledge and skill to provide the most reliable results and conclusions.
The team at Austhai provides the following.


The technical knowledge that our Austhai Consultants possess is paramount in achieving the most accurate surveying results, regardless of application or environment. Our consultants work with and provide surveyors with all the information available and are highly credited in many different fields of geophysics.


Every single member of the Austhai team strives to make sure that the best advice is available at hand for the surveyors who require it. It doesn’t matter what sort of geological survey is being done, or how, our team is there to provide professional guidance and support to surveyors.


The Austhai Geophysical and Geotechnical program is at the forefront of geographical exploration professionality. This is why so many countries have come to rely on Austhai when it comes to reliable and precise geological surveying.


Our Austhai Consultants provide some of the best geological surveying equipment available anywhere. We also provide geophysical equipment for rent as well as high-quality surveying equipment. If you are interested in working with our Austhai Consultants, please check our equipment page for details of our current inventory. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with choosing the right equipment for your job and also provide usage instructions.


Geophysical equipment is used to detect, monitor, and discover natural properties of the Earth for various reasons such as mining and water deposits. The Earth is constantly changing due to both natural and man-made causes, and geophysical equipment is exponentially helping scientists understand these changes.

There are many types of geophysical equipment depending on application. There are Seismic, Electromagnetic, Radiometric, Magnetic, and Gravity instruments amongst others.

Uses for geophysical equipment range from seismology, geomagnetism, tectonics to oceanography, hydrology and mining. The applications are vast and include determining the composition of the layers of the earth and locating ore and precious metals, as well as determining the distribution of natural radioactive elements such as uranium and rubidium. If you need any advice as to the most suitable equipment for your application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our consultants will be happy to help. 

The world of geophysical and geotechnical science is fast-moving, and the collection of objective and accurate data is of key importance. The services and equipment Austhai provide are indicative of the professionalism that lies at the core of every facet of our operation.

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