Phansa Saengtakan

by austhai Post at July 28, 2020 in Thailand

Phansa Saengtakan has Bachelor of science in Geology, Chiang Mai University and Master of science in Geology (International Program) Petroleum Geoscience, Chulalongkorn University.

Phansa has overĀ 5 years experience in oil and gas industry as an Earth Scientist with a good understanding of company culture and fundamentals. She has the ability to work as a geologist and a geophysicist with full understanding of petroleum system in the Gulf of Thailand. She is proficient in 3D seismic interpretation, structural mapping, well planning, well correlation and geological data analysis. She has a great understanding in basic petrophysics and operation, capabilities in log evaluation for both oil and gas wells.

She has 5 years experience with terrestrial and marine surveying. Acquisition, Processing, Interpreting and Reporting data from UXO surveys. Moreover, She have experience in Sidescan Sonar, Electromagnetics (EM) system, Geonic both EM61&EM63, ERT, 2D/3D IP, Passive seismic survey and experience in geological analysis with multiple technical and geological software packages.