Gerard McNeill

by mind Post at December 1, 2020 in Thailand

Gerard has over 30 years of experience in the geophysical industry and has worked for Zonge Engineering and Research Group and GPX Services Pty Ltd. He has also previously done consultancy work as Austhai Geophysical Processing Services before the start of Austhai Geophysical Consultants Limited in 2009 Hong Kong) and Austhai Geophysical Consultants (Thailand) Co. Ltd. in 2010.

Gerard has extensive experience in management, field implementation operations, high end data processing, 2D / 3D inverse modeling and interpretation. Gerard has also carried out data processing of Heli-EM and Heli-Mag data while working on the HoisTEM system with GPX, He has worked in Australia, China, South East Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, India, and North America.

Gerard is a member of the SEG (USA), ASEG (Australia) and PMEA (Philippines).